Self-Help Groups

The Anxiety Alliance principle is that of self-help. We help sufferers identify their problem and then enable them to take steps to rectify them via either our telephone self-help groups, or our on-line self-help groups.

It is important to carefully consider whether you are ready to take part in a self-help group, before applying to join one. We need to gain commitment from you to improve your life.

We will help you to keep a record of the severity and frequency of your problems. Once the specific problems have been identified, we will help you to set goals and to achieve these goals. We will also assess and plot your progress throughout the course. This does require a considerable commitment to change from you, which is why we encourage you to think hard about entering a self-help group before applying. For this reason, there is declaration of intent on the application form which we request that you sign.

The charges for both the telephone and on-line groups are £30.00 for Members and £40.00 for Non-Members. A relaxation CD/tape and course notes will be supplied.

The course lasts for one hour, one night a week for eight weeks. There will be a trained leader for your course, and you will be with other people who suffer similar symptoms to your own, so you will not be alone in your recovery. A follow-up course will be available for those who require it. You will not be left on your own after the course is completed; we will be here to continue to help, advise and support you.

The course work will be sent to you upon receipt of the completed application form (below) and a cheque to cover the cost of the course made out to Anxiety Alliance and sent to the Registered Address.